Freda Warrington, fantasy author


A Taste of Blood Wine by Freda Warrington

A Dance in Blood Velvet

The Dark Blood of Poppies

Grail of the Summer Stars by Freda Warrington

Elfland by Freda Warrington

Midsummer Night by Freda Warrington

Court of the Midnight King by Freda Warrington

A Blackbird in Silver Darkness by Freda Warrington

A Blackbrid in Amber Twilight by Freda Warrington

Dracula the Undead by Freda Warrington

A Dance in Blood Velvet by Freda Warrington

Dark Blood of Poppies by Freda Warrington

Dark Cathedral by Freda Warrington

The Amber Citadel by Freda Warrington

The Rainbow Gate by Freda Warrington

Sorrow's Light by Freda Warrington

Freda Warrington

Author of A Taste of Blood Wine, Grail of the Summer Stars, Elfland, The Court of the Midnight King, Dracula the Undead, A Blackbird in Silver Darkness... and many more fantasy novels and stories.

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