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Freda Warrington, fantasy author


A Taste of Blood Wine by Freda Warrington

A Dance in Blood Velvet by Freda Warrington

The Dark Blood of Poppies by Freda Warrington

Dark Arts

Court of Midnight King

Grail of the Summer Stars by Freda Warrington

Elfland by Freda Warrington

Midsummer Night by Freda Warrington

Court of the Midnight King by Freda Warrington

A Blackbird in Silver Darkness by Freda Warrington

A Blackbrid in Amber Twilight by Freda Warrington

Dracula the Undead by Freda Warrington

A Dance in Blood Velvet by Freda Warrington

Dark Blood of Poppies by Freda Warrington

Dark Cathedral by Freda Warrington

The Amber Citadel by Freda Warrington

The Rainbow Gate by Freda Warrington

Sorrow's Light by Freda Warrington

Freda Warrington

Author of The Amber Citadel, A Taste of Blood Wine, Elfland, The Court of the Midnight King, Dracula the Undead, A Blackbird in Silver Darkness... and many more fantasy novels and stories.

Welcome to my author site!

2023 - 2024 Update:

Yes, this website looks sadly dated. A fresh new site is under construction, but until then, this remains my hub for book stuff. And I have news!

Some may remember my epic fantasy from Simon & Schuster, "The Jewelfire Trilogy" back in the early 2000s. Well-received at the time, the books have been long out of print. Now I'm delighted to announce that at long last, these books will be available for the first time on Kindle!

With some light editing, I've divided three huge novels into five slightly slimmer volumes. The series overall has been renamed THE JEWELFIRE REALM and the book titles are as follows:

The Amber Citadel - The Ironstone King - The Sapphire Throne -
The Ruby Plains - The Obsidian Tower

And here is the new cover reveal!

Amber Citadel book 1 of 5  Ironstone King book 2 of 5

 Sapphire Throne book 3 of 5  Ruby Plains book 4 of 5  Obsidian Tower book 5 of 5

I've no idea how many readers remember the original and rather dark ending to The Obsidian Tower, but at the time it was controversial and I was never truly satisfied with it either. So I've done some reworking - a Director's Cut, if you like - and while it's still dark, there's a note of hope.

More importantly, the new end now offers a connection with the world of my Blackbird novels! All my fantasy novels are interconnected in my head, so it's great to be making the dream into reality. My work in progress, A Blackbird in Crimson Flame, tells the long-awaited story of Filmoriel (long-awaited by me, at least...). All being well, both series will then dovetail into a crossover novella, provisionally titled A Blackbird in Jewelfire.

Keep an eye out for news here and on my Amazon Author Page.

Other recent news follows below...

Storm Constantine 1956 - 2021

Sadly, in 2021 we lost beloved friend Storm Constantine: brilliant and inspiring writer, creator of the Wraeththu, founder of Immanion Press, publisher, occultist, gamer, all-round powerhouse of creativity. Hard to believe it's been more than two years since she passed. Her friends and fans still feel her absence in our lives, and try to focus on the immense good fortune of having known her. Storm is dearly missed, always.

Pashterina's Peacocks is a tribute book for her, available from Immanion Press. Also shown is her last anthology, Shadows on the Hillside, to which I contributed a story.

Along with - unrelated - my Nights of Blood Wine collection, and The Tales of Catt & Fisher: The Art of the Steal, set in the shared world of After the War (conceived by Adrian Tchaikovsky). Its a four-novella anthology, my contribution being Secrets and Lights.

Pahterina's Peacocks


Nights of Blood Wine

A collection of fifteen lush dark tales

Telos Books, March 2017

My first short story collection! Enter the spellbinding world of the Blood Wine series with ten sensual, gothic stories featuring beloved characters from A Taste of Blood Wine and its sequels. Plus five other stories of twisted darkness.

NIGHTS OF BLOOD WINE was launched at SCIFIWEEKENDER, 30th March - 2nd April 2017 in Pwlheli, Wales with guests including Paul McGann, James Marsters, Wendy Padbury, Sam Stone, Justina Robson and many others.

Order now from Telos

Dracula the Undead

DRACULA THE UNDEAD: A Chilling Sequel to Dracula

My 1997 novel DRACULA THE UNDEAD - written to celebrate the centenary of the first publication of Dracula by Bram Stoker in 1897 - is now available on Kindle at last. The novel won the Dracula Society's Best Gothic Novel Award.

"Dracula the Undead by Freda Warrington is a true rarity - a sequel to a literary classic that doesn't pale in comparison... She does Stoker proud in her deft handling of horror and suspense." - Setisays.blogspot

"Dracula the Undead is a rich sequel, the best out there... capturing the romantic and gothic spirit of the Victorian era... with great pacing and a creative plot." - Darkcornerbooks.com

Amazon UK - Amazon.com

Night's Nieces

Night's Nieces: The Legacy of Tanith Lee

An anthology in tribute and love to the High Priestess of Fantasy...  

Tanith Lee - 1947-2015 - was a huge influence on fantasy literature and a towering inspiration to a generation of writers who were captivated by her iconic, poetic prose, her surreal visions and ground-breaking ideas With nearly 100 novels and 300 short stories to her credit, sadly, in 2015, Tanith left us too soon.

But her flame burns on. Tanith inspired many writers who counted her not only as a close friend but as a warm-hearted, generous mentor and teacher. Now eight writers whom she considered her literary "nieces" have each written a short story in tribute to her work, with accompanying articles, artwork, and previously unseen photographs.

With a moving introduction by Tanith's husband John Kaiine, the contributors include Storm Constantine, Cecila Dart-Thornton, Vera Nazarian, Sarah Singleton, Kari Sperring, Sam Stone, Freda Warrington and Liz Williams.

Edited by Storm Constantine, published by Immanion Press. Cover art by John Kaiine. Available in paperback and ebook format.

Order from Immanion Press
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Freda's Ebooks and Cover Reveals...

Most of my older titles are now available as ebooks on Kindle, published under the imprint Bloodwine Books. This is the first time my Blackbird Series of weird & wonderful sword & sorcery novels have been available as ebooks - and from only 1.99 / $2.99!

A Blackbird in Silver Kindle  A Blackbird in Darkness Kindle  Darker than the Storm Kindle

A Blackbird in Amber Kindle  A Blackbird in Twilight Kindle  Court Midnight King Kindle

Silver UK - Silver USA - Darkness UK - Darkness USA - Amber UK - Amber USA - Twilight UK - Twilight USA - Darker UK - Darker USA - Richard III UK - Richard III USA 

The Dark Arts of Blood - the long-awaited new novel in the Blood Wine Sequence...

The Dark Arts of Blood

“In a crowded market, Freda Warrington's original and intelligent take on vampires is a breath of fresh air. Decadence, obsession, and danger in an immaculately constructed 1920s world, with a dash of thriller and a seasoning of the quantum mechanics. No-one else writes vampires as compelling and convincing as these.” – Kari Sperring, author of Living with Ghosts

MAY 2015: THE DARK ARTS OF BLOOD - published by Titan Books in both the UK and the USA, the long-awaited brand new fourth book in the Blood Wine Sequence. More details below.

2015: The Year of King Richard III...

REAL BOOKS ARE BACK! Spring saw King Richard's reinterment in Leicester Cathedral, and you don't have to be a Ricardian to have been moved by the sheer history and pageantry of the occasion. I'm pleased to announce that my novel The Court of the Midnight King is now back in print in a fine paperback edition. Also available on Kindle, and as an audio book from Audible - see below. To order the paperback, follow this link...

Order The Court of the Midnight King - gorgeous new edition 2015

The Court of the Midnight King

RICHARD III - the most fascinating, controversial king of all time. First published by Simon & Schuster in 2003, The Court of the Midnight King appears in Kindle version for the first time. (2.49/ $3.98). This lushly written alternative version of his story is replete with magic and a rich sense of period. This is not one for dry historians, but for lovers of fantasy, history and romance with a thirst for magical possibilities and a love of vividly portrayed characters.

“Superb fusion of dazzling alternative history and smouldering romance." - Justina Robson, author of Glorious Angels.

Court of Midnight King paperbacks

Nothing beats a traditional printed book... We still love the comforting feel of a proper book in our hands.

Buy from Amazon.com - Buy from Amazon.co.uk  - Buy paperback
Go to book info page - Read an extract

The Blood Wine Sequence from Titan Books

A Taste of Blood Wine    A Dance in Blood Velvet

The Dark Blood of Poppies    Dark Arts of Blood

"Step forward Charlotte and Karl, a magnificent pairing, and a timeless couple that deserve a place up there with the very best of genre lovers." - Alex Bardy, British Fantasy Society. 

I'm thrilled that my Blood Wine sequence of passionate gothic vampire novels set in the 1920s is being republished by Titan Books - they're making a beautiful job of the cover designs. And the brand new fourth novel in the series is published in the UK and USA in May 2015. Also available in ebook and Audible format. Look out for short stories, too - details on my Novels page.

These novels were first published in the 1990s, long before more recent vampire crazes. Many people have emailed me over the years asking for them to be reissued. Thank you for your patience - it's happening!  
  • A TASTE OF BLOOD WINE (May 2013 UK/ Oct 2013 US)
  • A DANCE IN BLOOD VELVET (Oct 2013 UK/ May 2014 US)
  • THE DARK BLOOD OF POPPIES (May 2014 UK/ Oct 2014 US)
  • THE DARK ARTS OF BLOOD (May 2015 UK and US). 
A Taste of Blood Wine
A Dance in Blood Velvet
The Dark Blood of Poppies
The Dark Arts of Blood

Blood Wine Sequence - lots more info
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For further news, watch this space and Facebook. Scroll down for further details of all my novels, and all the links you need...

Now, I'm also on LiveJournal but I have let my blog slide this past year due to pressure of work. I will get back to it, but meanwhile I'm mostly on Facebook where my recent big news is AUDIBLE! Before I get to that, if you want to look at last year's blog tour, interviews, short stories and other bits, I've left all the links on the previous version of this page, here:

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Audible Darker than the Storm

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Audible Rainbow Gate      Audible Sorrow's Light

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"So are your books any good, then?"

Yes, I have been asked this very question by a slightly squiffy convention member. Well... most people seem to like them, once they actually read them. Go on, give them a try!

A Taste of Blood Wine by Freda Warrington   A Dance in Blood Velvet by Freda Warrington   

If you love the 1920s, a period of change and decadence... If you prefer your vampires passionate, sexy, grown-up - and not afraid to be vampires...

A TASTE OF BLOOD WINE: 1918: Amid the horrors of a First World War battlefield, vampire Karl fights to be free of his monstrous creator, the tyrannical Kristian.

1923: Charlotte Neville, the shy daughter of a scientist, develops a feverish obsession with her father's enigmatic new assistant, Karl. But is their passion worth any sacrifice? For Kristian intends to teach Karl a lesson in power... by devouring Charlotte.

"Throbs with lush romanticism" - The Times

A DANCE IN BLOOD VELVET: 1925: Charlotte thought her bond with her vampire lover, Karl, would last for eternity - until Karl's former flame, the seductively beautiful Katerina, reappears. Now she wants to reclaim her life... and Karl.

In despair, Charlotte turns to a prima ballerina, the spell-binding ice maiden Violette. But Charlotte's obsession with the dancer unleashes a far darker threat than the vampires could have imagined...

"The true Queen of the vampire novel" - Black Tears Magazine

THE DARK BLOOD OF POPPIES: 1926: The ballerina Violette Lenoir has undergone a terrifying tranformation into Lilith, demon mother of all vampires. Haunted by her dark sensuality, Charlotte and her immortal lover Karl are drawn to the dancer - both to protect her, and to shield others from her savage nature.

For Violette has enemies, and the heirs of Kristian are out to destroy her. Innocently embroiled in the endgame, courtesan extraordinaire Robyn finally meets her match as she is torn between the two ultimate lovers: the ruthless Sebastian Pierse - and Violette herself.

"A gorgeous grave-throbber" - Time Out

THE DARK ARTS OF BLOOD: Switzerland, 1928: Charlotte and Karl are drawn into turmoil as the sinister activist Godric Reiniger begins his rise to power. Meanwhile, fiery dancer Emil achieves his dream to partner the legendary ballerina Violette Lenoir - until his forbidden desire for her becomes an obsession.

Rejected, spiralling towards madness, he seeks solace with a mysterious beauty, Fadiya. But she too is a vampire, with a hidden agenda. When Karl and Charlotte undertake a perilous journey to rescue Emil, they unearth secrets that threaten the existence of vampire-kind.

"No one else writes vampires as compelling and convincing as these." - Kari Sperring, author of Living with Ghosts.

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Award-winning AETHERIAL TALES from Tor US

"If you like your fantasy deeply layered, sparkling and ethereal, do I have a book for you!" - LitStack

Contemporary fantasies with lots of mystery, character interaction and Otherworldly adventure, not to mention a dash of sex, love, jealousy, conflict and magic. Each novel can be enjoyed on its own. However, the brand new third book, GRAIL OF THE SUMMER STARS, completes a larger story arc across the three books that I hope you won't want to miss!

Update: now available
from Jabberwocky as eBooks on most platforms.

Grail of the Summer Stars by Freda Warrington  Elfland by Freda Warrington  Midsummer Night by Freda Warrington

ELFLAND won the 2009 Romantic Times Award for Best Fantasy Novel

Young Aetherial Rosie Fox grows up to learn many difficult lessons about life and love - but while the Great Gates to the Otherworld remain sealed by a malevolent force, the whole Aetherial race is under threat.

"Sensuous and intense - buy it, read it, love it!"  -  Melanie Rawn

MIDSUMMER NIGHT chosen for the Booklist Online (American Library Association) Top Ten SF/ Fantasy Novels of 2010

Renowned sculptor Dame Juliana Flagg little knows what she's unleashing when she creates a disturbing group of statues... but when visitors Gill and Peta discover long-lost Aetherial paths, they unlock more dark dangerous secrets than Juliana could ever have feared.

"Exquisite sense of wonder that makes the heart of this old reader sing" - Charles de Lint


A visionary painting brings Stevie Silverwood into contact with a stranger, the gorgeous Mistangamesh. But her artist friend Daniel has gone missing, and Mist has troubles of his own. For thirty thousand years, Mist has been doomed to pursue his treacherous brother Rufus to avenge the destruction of a legendary Aetherial city, Azantios. Daniel may hold the clue to Rufus's hiding place - if only Stevie and Mist can find him before his visions of apocalypse come true...

"A classy, beautifully rendered tale... a complex enterprise with real heft, a rich back story and characters that grow with the narrative... A must for existing fans, while being easily accessible to newcomers."  - Kirkus Book Reviews

As for me...

I've been writing since I was five years old. Writers such as CS Lewis, Tolkien, Tanith Lee and Michael Moorcock captured my imagination... and in 1986 my first novel A BLACKBIRD IN SILVER was published by NEL

A Blackbird in Silver by Freda Warrington

Since then I've had twenty-three+ novels published (to date) all of varying types of fantasy - sword n' sorcery, contemporary, vampire/ gothic romance, supernatural, alternative history, epic... For lots more information, and a full bibliography of my work with my notes and thoughts.... just follow the links. To cut down on spam, the email link isn't live - you'll need to copy it and remove the spaces. Also, please mention my books in the subject line so I know your message isn't spam! Thank you.

Freda Warrington - About the Author



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